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Levin Disappointed

Two books I enjoy are "Who Killed the Constitution?", by Woods and "Liberty & Tyranny", by Levin. I've learned more from Tom's Mises lecture podcasts, in the past two years, than I did in college and Levin's speech, at the Reagan Library, inspired me to really get active in the tea party movement.

I was initially bemused with this "blog war" because I thought both men were gentlemen and intellectually honest. I can say neither about Levin after this exchange. Levin would do well to (a) apologize for the ad hominem attacks and (b) stipulate that Tom's position is truly one of an "originalist" (c) perhaps claim that his is more pragmatic (with which I would disagree). I'm not holding my breath for that.

Thank you much for the nice words. I won't be s stranger here

Brian Brady