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Yes You Can!

You can get paid out in Nickels because that is what you are asking for!
So don't be shy to collect the judgement in nickels. If the bank won't give you any real money take them to small claim court. Make sure you use your real name (Given, Second: Family) at all times and sign your claim in Blue ink. Also be sure to specify to the judge that you have a small claim not small claims. Small claims are bundled (class action) and must be handled (represented) by an attorney. You, a man, has the highest standing in Law but only if you make your claim on your own as one. Only The One has Natural Rights, that is to say standing in Law. Two or more only have collective civil priveleges. Always go it alone because The One is the highest authority. Read "Office of The Person" and "The Person" essays. Never leave your office of The Sovran. The corporations and corporate officers exist in the fictional commercial world of Admiralty. So when you make a claim against a corporation no one can answer you. There is no one there! If you get a response with a black ink signature then that is the signature of a corporate officer who is subservient to the Sovran living Being and his wishes. You can ignore the officers protestations about liquidating the corporation or you can take them under advisement. The reason the officers freaked is because they are worrried you might know who you are and you could wipe them out in small claim court.

There are a couple other better ways to do your claim on the tow shop. I would avoid the small claim court because it is still run by U.S. Government and is liable to try to attorn you if you are not sharp enough to avoid their questions like "what is your address". You haven't got an address, you don't reside in a HOME, you didn't "go in school". To avoid the Queens Courts I suggest you just use a Notary and Present a bill to the towing service. The Notary is a judge available to any one to convene a court "without" The United States Government Corporation. Since your claim is by a real Man "without" the corporation against a business you can convene your own court in Law. Ask the Towing service owner to settle the matter privately in coin with you. If he dishonors you the Notary will issue a Certificate of Nonresponse. Then you send him a commercial lien. If he dishonors that the Notary sends you a Notary protest. This is a judgement in your favor. You can sell that judgement to Geitner at face value and he will send you a check then turn around and sic the IRS on the towing company.

After you practice Law on the hapless towing company. You can use your refined skills to collect about two or three million from the municipal corporation. Did they threaten to use force to take your car? No force is required only the threat of force. Don't make them taser you, you have a duty to mitigate the idiots potential injury to you. Then you say "Ok but i am only leaving my private car under protest and duress." Remember it is not a vehicle unless you are carrying federal reserve notes, a credit card or give them your name or U.S. Gov. I.D. Say "i wish to remain in the private". You need to write down in detail on an affidavit exactly what happened so that when you are ready to collect from the muni Corp your two million you will have a signed dated affidavit that was made freshly after the event when your recollection is best. Be sure to set up the affidavit "without" the United States and sign your real name in blue. Give the Notary two silver dollars to witness your affirmation and be sure to have a receipt prepared for the Notary to sign that says paid two Dollars Siver Coin. There was a case in the 1970's where the judge looked at the two federal reserve notes the bank had given the Notary or Sheriff and said Nope you can't take this man's house because you have no standing in Law.

The judge was a Minnesota Supreme Court Judge. The Bank had him killed a few months later. The case is called Clear River or something like that. My point is no U.S. Court will challenge a real Man or even accept a challenge from any corporation against you if you pay the Notary in coin. They don't want the cases on the record and they have to decide every time in your favor, so they don't want to be killed by the Bank either. They just refuse to hear any complaints by the banks or corporations against a real man. That is why almost no such cases are in the case Law record. The outcome is a no brainer. They can't even hear the corporation's arguements because they have no standing. Your judgement as the real Man and commercial guarantor is the highest Law and the last word. So always pay the Notary in Coin. If you need to hire out a Notary Protest or COD give them a postal money order which is backed by gold without the federal reserve system although the federal reserve system does clear them for the Post Office.

To deal with your Notary just put the Coin on the desk and the receipt, you won't get any trouble, just smiles. You are a real Man, The Sovran, so when you come in to have your Public Servants do your bidding you pay them in real coin. This gets you your standing in Law plus some seriously Good service and proper respect. Do not ever pay a public official more than the statutory charges, that is bribery. Paying in coin is all you know how to do because you are a real Man, you must. You can only pay in your own credit or substance money, never in someone elses debt. Tell them you must pay in substance because you are substance not fiction. Stand up turn around, demonstrate you are real.
If any Notary is too much of a State or Bank stooge to do his/her duty to you don't worry about it.
Find one that knows the proper role of a Notary as an international official. The United States is foreign to you so you use the Notary to show your standing in Law not Admiralty.

Winston Shrout's foundational review has a great example of his claim against a cop for a couple million. The fact they stole your car is amazing. That is a felony! If you claim your citizrpenship Trust by commercial lien they would be committing breach of pound in Admiralty which is also a felony in their system, but either way they stole your car so you can charge them for their injury to you. The way they work it is they claim you abandoned the "Vessel" when you got off of it and so they just towed it into the harbor for a finders fee (Admiralty claim).
You may also want to join the commercial lien society.
If you have trouble with finding your own Notary who is not a tool for the banks let me know I'll fix you up. But do try to develop a couple local Notaries, you will need them. I keep mine pretty busy but if you get in a jam I'll share. Also feel free to read through my comments on DP, there is a lot of goid info info which will help you personally. I can't download the entire Matrix from my head onto this site so I just respond when people have specific issues.

Any other questions, feel free to consult -

The Oracle