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Probably a Statute not a Law

No " Person" may melt the coins. However a real man can do whatever he wants with his private property. If he wants to eat the coins he can. Statutes apply to officers of the United States.
So no corporation or its officers can melt the public property but on my off hours from the corporation I can melt my private copper collection to my hearts delight.
Learn the difference between public policy and the private man.
Public policy does not apply to you if you simply figure out who you are!
You are a human Being not a person or vessel or citizen ship.

Remember when FDR ordered that all "persons" "within" The United States turn in their Gokd coins. That only applied to banks and corporations not to private men and women.
They pretend to rule you when in fact they have no authority over you whatsoever by using tricks of the language. If you don't know you are not their person then you might accidentally volunteer to do stupid stuff like pay incomevtaxes! Or hand over your gold, guns, God.

The Oracle