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Blue Ink is Recognized as The Signature of A Real Man Since

the advent of the copier machine. Convention in Law lags a little behind technological change. When physically present in De Jure capacity you can just say "I wish to remain in the private or I do not consent". What I am talking about is how to put your wishes IN WRITING in an internationally recognized format so that you can command the commercial world instead of it pretending to command you.

Yes it is all just a ritual.

Those who can perform the sacred rites can command the dead (the corporations, government and government officers). Those who cannot write their orders in the hand of The Sovran cannot command the Givernment (not misspelled). Why do you think The Unanimous Declaration of The Thirteen Colonies is Written in Jefferson's hand? At that time it would have had no standing in Law if it were printed. (today the text body can be typed or handwritten so long as it is signed in blue) or just handwrite your orders entirely in your own hand. This is called a writ, It is the order of The Sovran.

Remember they had printing presses in Philidelphia. Ben Franklin could have printed the Declaration. The Common Law jurisdiction is all done in handwritten form. That is the highest Law. The Law of Men. Commercial Law is all typewritten and its orders are today signed in black. Usually the corporate officer has a different name and signature for his post. It is fun to look up the corporate CEO's on Veromi and find their corporate officer name and then search around for a similar name that is their U.S. Citizen ship name.

Send a bill to your favorite TSA groper after you say "I do not consent" and he disrespects your rights. Make sure to sign it in blue "without" The United States and pay The Notary in Silver Coin.
These magical incantations do bewitch and command the dead!

I didn't make this stuff up, I just work here. That is how you command THEM.
If you don't learn how to command your troops they will gladly mutiny, feel up your wife and daughters when you are out in Public and eventually come pillage you out of your own house.

Be a real Man and put your name name down on paper. Challenge them to explain to you by what right they are touching your daughter? Do something about it. If you don't learn how then you will remain a slave and have to endure the masters' officers touching "your" women's privates because they are the masters' property. You never wrote anything claiming otherwise, did you? Did you ever claim "your" wife? Bet you a silver Dollar you didn't. So she is not your wife after all. She has no Man to defend her against TSA Gropers.

The Oracle