Comment: Huff. Post: Fukushima 2.0; Doomsday Scenario

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Huff. Post: Fukushima 2.0; Doomsday Scenario

Fukushima 2.0
Posted: 04/ 1/11 02:35 PM ET

Doomsday Scenario 2.0

With the decision to entomb four Fukushima reactors in concrete, Tokyo Electric (TEPCO) is moving the disaster into uncharted waters. The heat producing fuel rods cannot be turned off. Concrete will insulate the heat from the fuel rods, and cause the internal temperatures to climb. The nuclear fuel will melt down and pass through the bottom of the reactor vessel and containment structure and enter the environment. The radionuclides, primarily cesium-137 and strontium-90, but also plutonium and others, will enter the sea. The human health and economic costs will be enormous.