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Comment: Met him the exact same way

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Met him the exact same way

Thank you for the Daily Paul!

I met the Honorable Ron Paul in exact same manner - casually listening to CNBC while I was working at my desk, and like you, was absolutely dumbfounded to witness an actual bona fide elected “representative standing tall for the likes of us that comprise the proletariat mass! At first what I heard was so foreign to my senses that I listened intently to try and figure out what I must surly be misinterpreting – but no! Ron Paul continued skinning that ol’ soul peddler Mr. Greenspan in front of God and everybody else – I was elated! Made my day! Hope was born! From that point on I began to search out and study Ron Paul. I've hoped that one day he would become commander in chief! What are the chances that will happen? I don’t know – I do know that it will take a man like Ron Paul to save our nation! But what kind of pressure will come down on Ron Paul when he begins to make headway? What is the real gauntlet the media will obscure? I remember a quirky fellow named Ross Perot that happened to be RIGHT – seems like “somebody” got to him – will Ron Paul face the same animal? Bet he will! Down here in the south a lot of folk’s don’t cotton much to President Lincoln, however, President Lincoln was beyond reproach where character and skill was concerned – and dare I say right? Ron Paul seems to have some of the same courage and grit filling his heart! Without Ron Paul calling the shots we' will be left with the usual traitors like Hillary Clinton or Newt Gingrich…Newt by the way was in fact one of the primary levers that derailed the contract with America! To Ron Paul…God speed to you! Michael, Thanks again!