Comment: The Internet Brings Us Full Circle Back to Speaking to Each

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The Internet Brings Us Full Circle Back to Speaking to Each

Other. This is totally the opposite of the twentieth century model of one voice speaking to many, which newspaper and book publishing, Radio, and TV created.
The Internet means no one can command the imaginations of millions by monopolizing a centralized means of communication to project their singular voice at the exclusion of all others.

This means the spread of The Internet is creating an altogether new form of civilization where ideas will have to compete on their merit and will not be limited to those force fed to us by a centralized message provider.

This new way of communicating marks the end of twentieth century collectivism because collective thought can no longer be maintained by the State's former power to limit the message to their chosen message.

This new way of communicating marks the end of government in fact, because government's primary purpose was to limit the thinking of a given populous, which is no longer possible with limitless communication.

This new way of communicating means no less than the end of civilization as we humans have known it since the very dawn of civilization.

A new forum for the exchange of ideas always results in a new form of civilization. The change cannot be stopped only resisted and eventually mitigated somewhat. The printing press led to the Protestant Reformation and The Enlightenment, and then the American Revolution. The centralization of Radio and TV made twentieth century mass delusional collectivism possible. Today all of us being able to to talk to all of us or any one of us at any time changes everything. Now we have the written word, the spoken word, the photographic image, the video images, all at each of our command. Now, we are each The Authors and thus The Authority over our own life story.

The One voice that will prevail in a sea of voices with equal access to this new forum will not be the loudest or strongest anymore, but the one whose voice is the most valuable to us all, the One who speaks the truth.

Perhaps Ron Paul is The One.

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