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Survival Business

I will be moving soon (and retiring!) to Ecuador so I am looking for someone to take over my survival-related Internet sales business, Preparedness Equipment, LLC.

The business does best when there is a high level of public concern over impending problems such as dollar decline and economic collapse. That was my intention, start a business that would bring in money during uncertain times. Preparedness Equipment has not provided a high cash flow, mainly for lack of aggressive promotion. There have only been my Web site and one other online vendor. Estimated workload so far has been a couple days in the shop and maybe a couple days' total time servicing orders each month. An eager promoter and a revamped Web site could expand the business into a full-time enterprise.

I am willing to contribute time to training a new owner in every phase of the business but would want to be paid the wholesale price for stock on hand and an extra amount for tools and jigs, probably $3,000-$4,000 total. Go to my Web site to see the product line:
My online vendor:

The ideal buyer will have experience in sales, promotion, packaging, and fabrication, or any portion of these skills. However, a desire to fill a vital preparedness need is most important. Geographical proximity to southern New Hampshire would also be good.

New Hampshire and Ecuador.