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You know

at 25 I find it eerie that they say right now for ever person that takes social security there is 3 people paying in, but in the future it will only be two. I find it eerie because I thought it was the parents that was supposed to save for the child, not the child that supports the parents (and I understand that accidents happen and you should support the infirm and widows). Its eerie because it makes it sound like our parents and grandparents are the babies. Its also eerie because if they had more kids there would be more people to share this burden, so my generation is really going to feel all the abortions there generation had, so because of social security my generation is really going to feel the brunt of their bad decisions. eerie. The people I should respect will be easy to despise. I wonder when they are going to push euthanizeing, our loved ones over this? like I said eerie.