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Comment: I can't agree with Rand on this UNLESS...

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I can't agree with Rand on this UNLESS...

We give everyone the OPTIONS I list below so that his proposals would be accepted on a VOLUNTARY BASIS.

Here's why:

Raising the age of eligibility just attempts to steal from that many more poor fools who drop dead before collecting a dime. How is THIS a Libertarian idea?

Means-testing would limit the amount someone receives because they may be more well-off at retirement. But they had PLAYED BY THE RULES all their life and and now will be PUNISHED for being "too successful." How is THIS a Libertarian idea?

Social Security should be phased out as follows...

1. Anyone of ANY age can request a refund of EVERY
PENNY they have paid into Social Security
(probably without any interest). If you are
already collecting, the money you have received
is deducted from the amount of your refund
(assuming you have not bypassed that amount).
Anyone choosing this option would be OUT of the
system for good.

2. Anyone age 45 or over (at the time the new law
takes effect) may keep exactly what they were
promised as exists today.

3. Anyone under the age 45 MUST take a refund and
are out of the program.

4. Obviously those opting-out would cease having
social security payroll deductions while those
above age 45 who choose to remain on the program
would continue with deductions as today.

The money to refund those opting out could come from such things as:

Ending all foreign aid.

Ending all four wars in the Middle East.

Cutting the military budget.

Ending numerous costly, bloated government programs and agencies.

Doing away with immoral tax laws like the Earned
Income Tax Credit which pays government money to
people who didn't even pay ANY income tax that

Finally, by adopting the two ideas by Rand Paul (raising the age of retirement and means-testing).

Again, these dramatic measures would be agreed to on a voluntary basis - not forced on people who don't agree with this plan.

The Social Security program would likely end by itself after a few generations which in turn would end the huge administrative costs needed to run the program.

And this plan would hurt no one.

People would have that much more money to invest and save for their own retirements, while those dependent on the system as it is today could remain as they are.

"We have allowed our nation to be over-taxed, over-regulated, and overrun by bureaucrats. The founders would be ashamed of us for what we are putting up with."
-Ron Paul