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Comment: I don't have much use for

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I don't have much use for

I don't have much use for either Donald Trump, nor Sarah Palin, but I would like to point out something one of the reporters said.

He said that the White House does not like talking about this subject, and wish it would go away. If that is the case, there would seem to be a very easy way for them to accomplish this. JUST RELEASE THE BIRTH CERTIFICATE. So, why haven't they done so? The only logical answer is that Mr. Obama-Soetoro is hiding something. I know that if my nativity was being questioned regarding my elected position, I would release my birth certificate. I would have released it years ago.

When there is a LEGAL requirement that the president be native born, how is it that his name was placed on the ballot in all 50 (or is it 57?) states when people were questioning that fact?