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Comment: Rand's plan is just the typical "centrist" approach

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Rand's plan is just the typical "centrist" approach

I agree with you. I honestly think that the only valid reason for highlighting these videos on dailypaul should be to point out how Rand's approach is decidedly un-libertarian (and plain wrong). But the author of this blog entry didn't provide any personal commentary on it.

So Rand's approach is to raise the age by which you can draw from it to 70, and also means-test it (i.e., "wealthier" individuals who likely paid the most into it and who have planned ahead and are funding a 401k or other retirement plan will get nothing back, but will continue to pay the most into it). Super. So, in a nutshell, it becomes even more of a wealth redistribution scheme. And that's a good/libertarian approach, how?

All that being said, any suggestions that we eliminate SS altogether are as realistic as Ron Paul becoming president. The powers that be would never let RP win, and they'll never do away with deducting SS from your check unless it was part of some grander tax rate overhaul (e.g., a flat tax). Right now, the SS and Medicare deductions are nothing more than a part of your overall Federal income tax withholding, but they split them out as separate line-items so that the sheeple won't see just how badly they're being stolen from. All of that money taken (fed tax, SS, Medicare) gets used up by the government however it sees fit.

I'd love to opt out and get my money back, but they'll never do that. I'm about to turn 40, and I might even be willing to opt out and get nothing back, but they'll never allow that either (and it would still be immoral to have lost all of the money I previously paid into it). So I'm more of the mentality that I'd like to see it "fixed" by way of them keeping their original promises. If I'm forced to continue to pay into it, I want to start getting checks at the current retirement age with no means testing. Afraid there won't be enough money to go around? Too bad. Get it from somewhere else (e.g., cutting "defense" spending and other government programs). They're willing to run up huge deficits for any number of things, so just add this to the list. Why is it OK for them to run up huge deficits due to other government programs, but we're told that once the SS bank account has run dry, the checks will stop flowing? We have huge deficits now, but the politicians and federal workers are still getting their paychecks.