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Comment: The one without Barry is definitely retouched.

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The one without Barry is definitely retouched.

I do this stuff all the time, so it was easy for me to recognize tell-tale signs in the Barry-less photo. Look at the rock wall to the right, both above and below the bench. Notice how the texture of one section is duplicated a number of times, right together. Note that this photo is fuzzier than the other, with much less detail. The upper bodies of the grandparents are lighter and have more contrast, while their lower bodies are darker. The one with Barry is larger in all dimensions, meaning it would be very difficult to ADD all the rest of the image with Barry. The bench and the top of the wall are all screwed up.

This isn't just a fake -- it's a pitiful one.

About Grandpa's hand around Barry.... It looks strange for two reasons. One, it isn't actually resting on his shoulder. But photos catch people in the middle of movements all the time. It was probably about to touch Barry's shoulder when the shutter snapped. Second, the angle of Grandpa's upper arm looks wrong, as though his forearm would have to be waaay too long to reach that hand. But look at the other shoulder of the jacket. It breaks downward before following the upper arm. If the other shoulder of the jacket does the same (and why not?), then the upper arm could be extending quite naturally toward where the elbow would need to be for the hand to be where it is.