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Comment: oooh, oooh, I know why.

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oooh, oooh, I know why.

Because they don't care or even understand it. All they know is they get free haircuts and people treat them like they're special. I'll greet any country on earth that invades us as liberators at this point.
A better question is, "why are the people such a collection of dolts?" It encompasses more than just the elected morons and addresses ALL the morons.
Republicans are a bigger joke than democrats because at least the democrats wear their communism on their sleeve, the republicans pretend to be for freedom and the like but they really just hate poor and black people. You didn't hear any of them complaining about Mrs Sachs getting a cool couple hundred million, but if Lashawnda from New Orleans gets a purse, it's a national affair. But, we keep playing along because we've been so dumbed-down that we're all basically retarded now. Any new tv personalities anyone's supporting for president this week??