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Comment: Glenn Beck recently stated on

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Glenn Beck recently stated on

Glenn Beck recently stated on his radio show that he prefers Allen West for President.

Sure, Glenn Beck does wake up a lot of people, at least partially, but I don't think Beck is even fully awake himself.

Allen West sounds good, although he is definitely not one of us. He supports the Patriot Act (voted I think 3 different times in favor of extending it) & supports the war state / military industrial complex. Probably clashes with us on other issues as well, but I don't know everything about him.

Dr. Paul votes against the Patriot Act (as it's unconstitutional) and also remember what Judge Andrew Napolitano said about the Patriot Act? Here it is:

"The Patriot Act... the most abominable, unconstitutional, hateful from the point of freedom piece of legislation since the alien & sedition act in 1798."


Also, Allen West considers it his duty to defend Israel. In his own words:

I wish the people of Israel all the peace in the world, but the job of defending their land and their people is their own. When it comes to members of the US House of Representatives, their duty is to US and that means obeying our Constitution.

Anyhow, Glenn Beck is great on many things but definitely not in his preference of President.

If Beck plays his cards right, though, leaving Fox could end up being the best thing ever for him... a great opportunity. Currently he has the following to do it. If he waits too long, though, then the opportunity may be gone.