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Comment: Unfortunately, JP Morgan is not going to be made.....

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Unfortunately, JP Morgan is not going to be made.....

to take the loss on their silver shorts because they will get a bailout via our government/taxpayers. I believe our government is complicit with all that JP Morgan is doing with the silver manipulation, and don't believe me, do the research. JP Morgan should be in the hole right now, but everything on the financial media is saying how great they are doing, even after billions of dollars of tax payer money they took. All I can say is do the research, you will come to the same conclusions that I have. Geithner, and Bernanke are in on the scheme as well, watch them increase the debt ceiling by scaring our Congress Critters, just like they did when the big 2008 financial collapse occured. I will be writing my congress critter and telling him to vote a big "NO" on raising the debt ceiling. I really want to see the Fed squirm, along with the Treasury when they can't legally create any more money on the books, and we the taxpayers finally put our feet down, and say no more. We need to tell them we are done playing their games. Geithner is like a credit card junkie who is maxed out on credit cards, and begging his credit card company to raise his balance so he can use/buy more. We have all had to live within our means, especially the last few years, it is time our government does the same. Obama has actually said that, why doesn't the people he has in office under him do that?