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Comment: Beck was smart enough to follow the "trend" developed by RP

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Beck was smart enough to follow the "trend" developed by RP

---He is a trend follower (a joiner). If the trend moves away from us (RP-types) then he will follow it.

---He likes making corporatist profits off of middle America (where RP has 99% of his support).

---Corporatist profit making is more "guaranteed" then the quit-wit profits earned in a free-market.

---There is NO WAY Beck makes it in a free-market; he must sell "doom and gloom." He does not have the smarts to direct consumers to wealth -- he can get them to buy Gold and Silver in boom-bust fashion (doom and gloom).

Most of his career was spent "against us"

I can't say enough against this guy -- from the way he talks to his listerners, the constant non-market driven push of gold and silver, the basic "theft" of the Liberty Message (once it because sale-able) on and on.

I predicted that he and his ilk would "steal" the Tea Party (his 912 Movement) back in 2008 (here on Daily Paul).

Mormons (to me) are like Scientologists and worse than most religionists -- their history is false and they know it. It's not just a nice philosophy, it is un-deniably and historically inaccurate. Plain and simple the Founder lied through his teeth.