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Comment: How about a sticky at the corner of the page for donations

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How about a sticky at the corner of the page for donations

anyone at anytime could chip in.


Lets do a " DP Fan Club" of sorts.

1. anyone can view the site

2. an annual subsciption will get you extras...

3. or graduate it so if you contribute:

X = you get the silver membership that gives you = A
Y = you get the gold membership that gives you = B
Z = you get the platinum membership that gives you A & B +C

A number of us could volunteer to form a committee of say 6 people that could manage various projects and promotions as well as raise capital. All would get the final approval by Michael.

Imagine a group Skype with the committee members brainstorming ideas and implementing tasks. We could do it for the sake of Liberty and Ron Paul!

We could do so much like beat reporting , articles, history lessons, barter section...Damn! LETS DO THIS!!!!!

It would be a very meaningful and fulfilling venture.

Anyone have any thoughts on that?

For Freedom!
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