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I love it all!

Thank you - it's such a huge pleasure to share music that I love. Jackson Browne is my all-time favorite songwriter.

I was a little girl when his music was on the radio all the time in the 70's. It's so interesting how you are formatted (like a disc) to the music that is played when you're a child. I really only 'discovered' his music a few years ago. My favorite album would have to be "For Everyman" - that is what turned me on to him. I love all his albums. I love Time the Conqueror, as well - it's so excellent to hear from the perspective of age in music, when most music seems to be about the concerns of youth.

He's singing here at a high school with a gospel choir -

Here's the song "For Everyman":

Someday I hope he reads RP's the Revolution.... a girl can dream, right? Anyway, enjoy, Michael.