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The Constitution is an Agreement

That was written on a piece of paper, and from there was written on many pieces of paper, and has since then been typed onto a computer to be stored digitally on many databases.

It is an agreement, between the people who wrote it, as to how a U.S. Federal Government would be run. It is a contract.

Just because people break contracts does not mean they should not be made. Oaths are alright, but like Christ said, "Let your word be your word." (or something like that, basically saying, "Don't swear to God, just be true in your word - always.").

Look at all the Facebook trials, should we stop all private contracts simply because they can be/are broken from time-to-time. Should we stop making agreements because some people go back on their word? Or should we use the courts to hold people to their word and respect the contracts/agreements they made?

Do not worship the Constitution. As it says, our rights come from God, not from a Contract. But don't disregard it just because others do. It is the best agreement for Government that has ever been written (save for Charter 8, which has yet to be ratified - and that is soundly based on our Constitution and the improvements we've made to it).

Wake up!

Jack Wagner