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Comment: Not everyone can drive

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Not everyone can drive

I have to fly to Asia every other month on business, so I don't really have the option of not flying. Its a long way to swim. So I have to put up with the grope fest on every trip since I always refuse to be microwaved till done.

Protest? Not if I want to make my business trip and not get put on a no-fly list, and a few thousand dollars in fines, just to make my day. And I have to get to the airport 3 hours before my flight and wait in long lines while the TSA makes it safe for me to travel.

Once I get to Asia, getting through airports is a breeeze. I have never had to take my shoes off or have anyone touch my person - not in any country. Getting in and out of Hong Kong is blindingly fast - I don't even have to talk to an immigration officer or a customs agent. The Frequent Vistor barcode stuck to my passport allows me to go through the electonic gates in seconds. The total time from disembarking from a plane until I am outside the airport catching a taxi, including picking up my luggage from the conveyor: 15 minutes maximum - and this in one of the busiest international airports in the world with people coming from every part of the world - including the Middle East.

Going the other way is just as fast. The security checks are quick, with no groping or radiating, and again, no need to talk to an immigration officer, courtesy of the little barcode on my passport. Of course, the US has made it mandatory for them to check my carry-on for any dangerous bottles of water on any flights coming to the US - even if it is owned by a foreign company! Oh, then again, just before boarding the flight, the US makes them check my carry-ons one more time - by hand, in case I smuggle in the oh-so-dangerous bottles of water for the 12-hour flight home! At least there is still no groping required.

Then I come home to the US and the whole cycle repeats.

I am sure any day now they will pass a law making it illegal to take pictures of the TSA agents as they perform their "duties", in the hope that this will be the last we will hear of this. If you don't see it on YouTube, it didn't happen. I sure hope they are wrong.

"Thus it is that in war the victorious strategist only seeks battle after the victory has been won,whereas he who is destined to defeat first fights and afterwards looks for victory." --- Sun Tzu, The Art of War.