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TJ: I guess that is the difference between you and I

The Constitution is an attempt at correcting / preventing future errors in reasoning based on the natural inner war of men.

The War, wherein ALL-people act (in predominance) on Collectivist Solutions to Self-Interest -OR- Individualist Solutions toward Self-Interest.

Put a different way: Will people collectivize to regain perceived losses or Will people better-self (allow for mistakes to occur) to regain loss of rational decision making.

One looks to losses in economic-value in the long-run, demanding that the "sting" be put off on future generations or "other" people (slavery - reservationism - broken treaties - land theft - war profiteering -- Founders) while the other allows the sting to be felt on their own heads (as individuals) and looks to spare the innocent.

The latter "leader" (or groups of leaders) have never been seen in all European recorded History and obviously never in America. Sure individual leaders (like Ron Paul) but they do not have the power to overcome the short-run fearing collectivists who IF are given a model that allows for interpritation and grants the power to defer grief they must chose "deferred suffering" (based on self-interest and the interest of their highest bribers - lobbyists).

The Constitution "attempts" (on the surface) to eliminate this defect, but since NO ONE can be "held" by a piece of paper or oath in a system that has Voting and Lobbying (grief deferring powers) then THAT document is useless.

If we view the LOT of American Indians and Blacks as the LOT of individuals (ourselves) then we have not fared too well under the Constitution. If we as collectivists view their LOT as unfortunate yet not our own then the Constitution is the greatest document ever written.

The Founder were deeply disappointed in the Constitution, it was the best they could all agree on and before the ink dried they were ignoring it's spirit.

It is an emotionally charged document, it is not rational or concise. It is flowery and written for "legacy" not for liberty (clearly) -- a document does not take nor grant liberty (men acting on their highest self-interest with no power to monopolize nor group other than consumer to indentify are the ones who attain it).