Comment: Letter To Iowans For Tax Relief & Iowa Christian Alliance

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Letter To Iowans For Tax Relief & Iowa Christian Alliance

Iowans For Tax Relief/ Iowa Christian Alliance,

As a Christian Conservative Radio Talk Show host and a believer in freedom, I am outraged by your Nazi censorship tactics excluding Congressman Ron Paul from your "Presidential Candidates Forum". This is very similar to the actions of the Communist Chinese or North Korean leadership. This is obviously the work of the Neo-Cons in the Republican Party not wanting Ron Paul to succeed in his bid for the White House. Ron Paul is a grassroots candidate that is up and coming in this race. He is the only true conservative and Christian running for President. His record on Christian issues as well as taxes speaks for itself. His opposition to this unjust war in Iraq has obviously unleashed the attack dogs within the Republican Party. Both of your organizations are supposedly conservative and yet you exclude the most conservative candidate in the race. Obviously this was done intentionally and it stinks of censorship. Also for the Iowa "Christian" Alliance, how can you justify excluding the most Pro-Life and Pro-Family candidate in the field? There is no explaination other than either you folks are not a real Christian organization or you have been pressured by the Republican Leadership. Which is it? I along with America would appreciate an explaination other than the lame non answers given so far.
Ron Paul by the way was invited by both Fox News and CNN to participate in the nationally televised debates. Online Polls as well as both the Fox News and CNN polls showed clearly that he finished the debates as either the clear winner or close runner up. Once again, I would appreciate an answer as to how you can exclude the leading candidate from an online polling perspective.

I will eagerly await a response to my questions and will encourage my listeners to base their support for your organizations on your responses. Please respond to this letter with valid reasons from a Christian Conservative perspective why Congressman Ron Paul is being censored from your forum and yet Tommy Thompson the implantable microchip for humans candidate (Applied Digital Solutions), Mitt Romney the pro-homosexual anti gun candidate, and Rudy Guiliani the pro-abortion candidate have all been invited.

This reminds me of the days when a guy named Jesus was attacked by the dogs called Pharicees.

Thank you for your time and consideration regarding this important matter to all Americans not just Iowans.

Jon Arthur
Nationally Syndicated Radio Talk Show Host