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Comment: Dear rlcmcallen,

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Dear rlcmcallen,

With Donald Trump making waves and the Republican sycophants drooling for his next vapid utterance, how can you honestly believe that Dr. Paul has a snowball's chance in hell of capturing the Republican nomination?

Ron Paul is the antithesis of what the puppet masters would want.

Neither the Dems or the Repubs, want to curb the wasteful, and exorbitant practice of policing the world, because the banks, the corporations, and the military industrial complex, all want endless war for resources, and empire for power.

The puppet masters run the world, and the president is just a puppet, unless, that president is Ron Paul.

That is what they fear.

A man who would do what is right, and not their bidding.

I don't know if you realize this, but the members of this site have helped to demonstrate to the people, that the left-right paradigm is a dead idea, a lie, a trap and a dead-end.

The American people are realizing that most elected officials are corrupt, bought out and paid for.

It is time for some real change.

Ron Paul as an independent, would be unbeatable in my mind.

As an Independent, you could truly throw all the mud you want at both parties, and the American people would back you, because they realize the game is rigged at this point in time.

Many people just hate the name of Republican, because of that dimwit George "W" Bush, and his lies, and corporate welfare policies, and endless war against a tactic.

Ron Paul should run as an independent.

He has given his entire life for America, what has he got to lose at this point, how much longer is he going to live?

I wouldn't be surprised if he ran as an Independent.

He is the only politician I trust.