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Well stated

When I posted my 21 Reasons on Thursday, I told myself that I would not get argumentative over the issue. And I won't -- mostly because there's no denying that the pro-GOP-primary side has some compelling points. Thanks for posting many of these points. I find myself agreeing with a lot of them.

Dr. Paul (and we, his supporters) face an uphill battle either way. True?

What haunts me most of all is the image of the Republican Party as a kind of box to keep Dr. Paul contained. As long as he doesn't climb out of that box, the situation can be managed. Let him think that he can keep his seat in Congress and educate a few more people, let his supporters dream, but ultimately he will stay enclosed within a comfortable margin of defeat. Bottle him up with the solid, reliable anti-Paul GOP numbers.

Instead of playing into that script, he needs to do something dramatic. People like drama too; they pay attention. It is the only way to clear the hurdles. There's a reason that football teams throw a "hail Mary" pass -- it's a long shot but they recognize that it's the only shot, realistically.

Just a few responses to your points:

6. Ross Perot was in fact leading the 1992 presidential race in June, before dropping out and then re-entering the race with a story about George Bush planning to disrupt his daughter's wedding. We should trust that Dr. Paul will not act like that.

13. The Libertarian Party has never run a candidate with the stature and broad appeal of Ron Paul 2011/2012.

14. I'm afraid that Congress will be against President Paul no matter what. Some of his policies, especially fiscal policies, are very difficult for people (or their elected representatives) to swallow. A strong case can be made that America is just not ready yet.

16. I will campaign for Ron Paul and send him money regardless of what party/nonparty he runs with. I encourage everybody else to do the same!!!!!!!!!!!

19. This may indeed be his last chance to have a major impact in political office. He might well retire after 2012, yes. We know that our Movement will face that day eventually. Hopefully we will maintain our morale, optimism, and enthusiasm to continue on after that day comes.