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That was a riot,

pretty good analog.......again it is our science that does not assign 3 dimensions to energy, linear dimension can always be broken into smaller pieces.

Where does "weight" come from? Visocity is specific to measured flow and the velocity referenced is linear to the travel or longitudinal, what about the velocity of the 90 degree plane to flow? Oil does not drain in PHI as well as water.

If cavitation (fluid hammer self sustaining) can have an outward bias (noise, destruction, entropy) than flipping it would have in inward bias (silence, organization) finding a way to store or collect this would be the key, and then release it in different form.

Just like there is no limit to crystal silicon chips storage ability in a computer (holographic) the crystal never gets full, they get saturated until the data becomes clowdy and can no longer provide clear bits of information. THey are never full of anything as far as particles.

How does the vaccuum have power? It is the latent power. If the vaccuum of space presides in volume over the volume of earth and we poke a hole in the earth's atmoshpere, when it is all over, who would be viewed as more powerful, but the fact of the matter is, it is this and that, so both are required, one presides over the other, and in this case the earth would be covered in vaccuum and space would be hardly affected, so the end static analysis would be the vaccuum was more powerful, because it presided over the pressure, which was holding the vaccuum out.

It is also known the primary constituants of space inside the atom and and in the universe is "space" or vaccuum, when linear dimensioning is used.

Capacitance always presides over inductance in natural systems, there is always more on reserve to drive creation forward if needed. This ratio of reserve is always 1.618 more than the event being observed, and is always 1.11 faster in the "ground" time state, which here is based on C, or 3.0 x 10ee8 m/s. This is the average of "here". This allows for use of the 1.618 as it is needed to maintain itself. It will not go away, it is in the distribution of planets, in your fingers (go ahead and measure them and check the ratios) from joint to joint, and in all other parts of the body, in galaxies motion, etc, etc.

Gravity force can have polarity change....Paul Laviolette shows this in detail, I have verified for myself.....simple modeling can show the G-center of all atoms and molecules, or any other group is space, when this space inside starts to oscillate in rhythm with the outside space and all other inside spaces in the system, resonance asymetrical capacitors, movement is generated, even in a vaccuum (throws out ion wind argument)(also submerged in oil)......the heavier the di-electric in mass value, the more it accelerates. Symetrical capacitors cancel forces out, water does not cancel out this force, so it responds to the g-forces oscillations which it creates through tuning everything placed upon it by or through PHI.

Did you know all water gas generators, when properly built, produce 1.25 to 2 times the Faraday Max in gas quanitity, measured by volume displacement and lifting power methods for corresponding weight? It is "right in" that example, the whole thing, if you really look at it. There are eways to do better than that, also, with less current.

And obvious things like that are why people with no experience continue to cite dogma for science, and they define science as "what they were told" rather than what happens, not that they would ever know, because they dont really do anything. There are literally hundreds of other examples.