Comment: I'm struggling with the definition of "troll"

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I'm struggling with the definition of "troll"

and "troll thread"

Are you suggesting that the Founding Fathers were pleased with the document of best fit; because we know for a fact that they WERE NOT pleased with it and before it was "dry" they are circumventing it or ignoring it entirely.

The "spirit" of the document was that all men are created equal -- that's it. That all men are protected in the persuit of life, liberty, and happiness.

There has not been ONE politician that has observed a 100% Constitutional voting record (save a couple).

None of that matters because never ONCE in all human history as Voting (circumvention of consumer-will) and Lobbying (bribery).

Further, the title of the post is "from a civilian perspective" -- I'm a civilian and this was my perspective.

One that is backed up by Mises', Spooner, Rothbard, and even RP himself.

So -- my question. What's up doc?