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Comment: You are clearly an American, then.

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You are clearly an American, then.

(Sorry, couldn't resist it). But I do disagree with you.

Government schools teach two primary lessons:

1. Government is a Rightful Authority; Obedience to Authority is a moral virtue.

2. The Authorities know more than you do; questioning or disobeying authority is a sin and a crime.

The failure of government schools to teach critical thinking skills (or skills of ANY kind) is mostly an unintended consequence of these lessons. Few people are naturally stupid, like Lenny. But what is imparted by generations of "teachers" who themselves are the product of such indoctrination can't be called "education," either. It's more like religious brainwashing.

Read Larken Rose's new book The Most Dangerous Superstition for the best exposition of these ideas you're ever likely to read.

Recommended reading: The Most Dangerous Superstition by Larken Rose