Comment: Cute film reel arrived with your question... Show me the money?

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Cute film reel arrived with your question... Show me the money?

Honey, I lost Money,$2.3 T... Marches our boys off to War Anyway... Only to Refute His Own Lie, Feb. 2011.

        The "Legal Tender Age"

You are a whip smart young lad. The film reel lined & stacked up up digital representations of what many have come to know as money. The banter was, "Money, money, money." Folks may be confused folks as to,"What is money?" It may lead folks to a "Paper Chase" to "Follow make-believe money!" Or perhaps the digital representation of modern "Age of Legal Tender."

        "Man's Tender Age"

As a man matures, he comes to realize how to count & hold value.

  • The Iron Age
  • The Bronze Age
  • The Steel Age
  • The Golden Age
  • The Golden Plated Age
  • The Gilted Age
  • The "Legal Tender" Age

As man continues to age, he may resort back to one of those ages of metal... of hard work...

Or perhaps, a man might carry on his excesses of make-believe, in the "Digital Age. A gamer. A con.

      Don Rumsfeld Broadcasts His Missing $2.3 T, Sept. 10, 2001.
      Secret-ary of War, Petulance & Famine oft make-believe fantasy. The manufacture "societal needs, for the greater good, for all time." They hire a marching band. The ramp up war production, to solve all. They count anything.... Anything at all. Sum it all up along with lies & misfortune... arriving at total mass chaos! What economists name "Gross Domestic Product."

      Then economists rhetorically, with facts & figures, opine if only their newly named, GDP could stack up to pay the debt, all would come into balance... All wealth would flow into the hands of those practiced in the art of deception.

            "The Printers That Be (PTB)..."

        Man's Paymaster... The Maker of Believers...

      Just contemplating the chaos drum up by the Secret-ary of War, has me perplexed...

        "Is not this insanity plea becoming rather common? Is it not so common that the reader confidently expects to see it offered in every criminal case that comes before the courts?... Really, what we want now, is not laws against crime, but a law against insanity." - Mark Twain, “A New Crime” (1870)

      Perplexed & puzzled...

        "A crowded police docket is the surest of all signs that trade is brisk and money plenty." - Mark Twain Roughing It (published 1872).

      Whipped up with all the ruckus, I am astonishing busy.

        We cannot produce our way free & clear of debt... with a loan attached to a promise to pay... Debt "Legal Tender" is not money...

        We must create sound money. Money of value. - Mark Twain, 2011

      Dr Ron Paul, 2012. Sincerely,

Disclaimer: Mark Twain (1835-1910-To be continued) is unlicensed. His river pilot's license went delinquent in 1862. Caution advised. Daily Paul