Comment: Glad you noticed. Yes, $2.3 T Lost. $2.3 B Found an Excuse.

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Glad you noticed. Yes, $2.3 T Lost. $2.3 B Found an Excuse.

      Lost & Found Excuses, as told by Donald Rumsfeld, 2011

The Other Donald, Mr War Donald Rumsfeld is making up excuses. But, he is not a Trump card. He holds no Aces. He is as he states, "A Loser."

As for his $2.3 T libation [a] loss (loss of memory related to liquidity):

  • Rumsfeld explains away $2.3. See linked film reel.
  • Unfortunately, none of our wealth returns.
  • See: UN absconds wealth of nations by fiat & sanctions
  • Net:
    • 0.1 % of loss explained away via Rumsfeld libation [a]
    • 99.9 % of loss yet to be investigated...
  • No hearing
  • No summon
  • No court date
  • No free libation[a]

Rest assured, knowing of libation [a] sin, as told by the Hole in the Wall Gang, Sept 11, 2001.
Small Hole in the Pentagon Wall, Sponsored by Hole in the Wall Street Gang, Sept 11, 2001.

"I said, 'That must have been one bad pilot!" - Sitting President Bush, the Younger, recounting his losings, 2001 - 2011

    Thus, sums up the deed of & by one bad pilot, Mr Bush.

----- Free LIBATION Hole for a Whole Nation -----

Footnote [a]: Definition of LIBATION >li·ba·tion - noun \lī-ˈbā-shən\

    1. -
    2. an act of pouring a liquid as a sacrifice (as to a deity)
    3. a liquid (as wine) used in a libation
    1. an act or instance of drinking often ceremoniously
    2. beverage; especially : a drink containing alcohol

— li·ba·tion·ary - adjective
- also see: War Sec·ret·ary - very harmful adjective

Examples of LIBATION

  • They offered libations at the temple.
  • We met for a libation after work.

Origin of LIBATION

    Middle English libacioun, from Latin libation-, libatio, from libare to pour as an offering; akin to Greek leibein to pour

First Known Use: 14th century
Content may shift in packaging: No sacrifice nor deity included with purchase.

Disclaimer: Mark Twain (1835-1910-To be continued) is unlicensed. His river pilot's license went delinquent in 1862. Caution advised. Daily Paul