Comment: U.S. Attorneys Threaten Medical Marijuana States

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U.S. Attorneys Threaten Medical Marijuana States

It only took two years for the U.S. federal government to get from "we won't interfere in state medical marijuana laws" to threatening raids and even arrests of state employees if dispensaries are legalized.

The administration is using a new tactic in its war against medical marijuana patients and providers. In at least four states in the past two months, U.S. Attorneys have been given the dirty work of threatening states if progressive medical marijuana legislation is passed.

Things got started in February when the U.S. Attorney for Northern California threatened to prosecute operators of a proposed commercial medical marijuana farm in Oakland, even though the farm was licensed by that city and legal under state law.

This is how the administration is continuing the status quo of the federal war on marijuana -- using U.S. Attorneys as attack dogs in a cowardly attempt to avoid any political fallout for attacking medical marijuana patients.

Expect the feds to continue tightening their cold steel grip over medical marijuana states -- until you get too tired of that nonsense to allow it any longer.

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