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Comment: I listened to it.

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I listened to it.

I think the man is mentally deranged.
He specifically talked about protecting Israel and Jerusalem as if they were native territory. As if there was no doubt in his mind that our main job is to fight for Israel

I think he's sick.

Then, on top of that, he tries to talk like he's fiscally responsible and conservative, while ignoring the fact that running around the world blowing up countries is impossible in a fiscally responsible budget. Not to even mention the moral implications.

He's the classic neocon.
Claim to want small gov't and fiscal responsibility, while advocating global warfare for Israel, and the huge gov't and budgets which those produce.
It's like their "blind spot" is so huge that they can't notice that what they want to do, eliminates the possibility of what they claim to want.
It's like their mantra is, "Well, we'll trim spending on the domestic stuff, but don't interfere with our global conquest and plans for genocide. That's too important to interfere with".
They are sick.