Comment: Very Good except for...

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Very Good except for...

"...we're going to end the wars. All of them!"

To the average Republican that means, "Liberal/weak."

In answer to the Libertarian question, you don't even need to go into foreign policy specifically.

What you mean is, am I a Neocon and the answer is no, and no self respecting fiscal conservative could be. We're going to do what Republicans have always been elected to do, defend, protect and uphold the Constitution of the United States...

If pressed on war, "We are going to start defending THIS country and OUR borders--not the mandates of the U.N."

*I know, I know, our activist community loves the anti-war and anti-empire talk, but that doesn't move Republicans.
If you must use the word "empire," tie it to Obama.
"Obama is acting like some kind of king."
" Obama-Empire."

(See Rand.)

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