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Comment: is called the "American Exceptionalism" mantra!

(See in situ) is called the "American Exceptionalism" mantra!

...this common thread is running throughout right-wing talk radio(Medved, Hewitt, Savage); it is a Nationalist(National STATIST) movement promoting the need to win!, win!, win!, win!, win! at all costs those unconstitutional wars in the Middle East(as unemployment approaches it permanent double-digit rate for our Socialist State)...

Hiter too was a Christian, remember! And wars against their "common enemies" was going to get them working again!

...everyone, please follow the right-wing talking heads, and comment at the link KNOW their producers/writers/call screeners know we're out here, and we've got their number this election season...maybe they'll contact some of us and ask us to debate them on air about Ron Paul, foreign interventionism, or the Fed if we really stick it to 'em by exposing them as the NWO water-carrying frauds they are!