Comment: The Taji, Iraq incident.

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The Taji, Iraq incident.

West was even too bloodthirsty for the military, and they charged him with violations of the UCMJ for his violent mistreatment(torture?) of an Iraqi whom he "suspected".
He was relieved of his position, and retired(with full benefits) and fined $5000 instead of being court-martialed.

In September 2010, West spoke in defense of a group of U.S. military personnel known as the "Leavenworth 10" who were convicted of war crimes.

This is all in his Wikipedia page.
I conclude that West is a war criminal, and he supports other war criminals.
He should be kept as far away from any gov't position of power as humanly possible.
Some would think he's more fit for a jail cell than a position in gov't.

So, there you go.
Glenn Beck wants a war criminal to be president.