Comment: small man complex.... and so he thinks America is weak

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small man complex.... and so he thinks America is weak

Earth to NeoCon Allen West, America and Americans and American mothers are not Weak. American men are FAR from nurtured. Most of all, we have nothing to prove by military intervening overseas.

American men and women are the strong and healthy and we are so VERY VERY Strong that we do not have to assist big oil companies around the world, they too are strong. The American people are so strong that we do not need to Police the world. We are so strong we can pay the price of oil, the world price, without Military Subsidization. Indeed, we are so strong, I would not bet against America, for she will invent the next cheap energy source, as long as we focus on ourselves to be the best that we can be.

We Americans are STRONG and we can show the world that with our foriegn policy of NON intervention and free trade with all nations.

We Strong Americans do not need to Police the world and protect the world for the World. The world has grown up and we can lead by example and mind our own businesses at home.

In peace and liberty,

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