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Tell you what

You solve the monetary and corruption problems and you'll see just how fast the magnitude of the oil industry crumbles. There are so many solutions up against the big oil brick wall and all they need is one brick to fall. When they can see that light coming through, they'll topple the rest in no time.

The problem is back to money. Either due to unawareness like yourself or blatant arrogance that it's not a problem like others in this thread, people keep propagating the idea that we WILL have to do something someday... but not now. That's the whole problem. It allows the media and the people and the investors to all keep listening to the big energy 'experts'. It's nothing but propaganda lies. We have everything we need now except for awareness that we already have it.

To give you a different perspective on your solar 1 vs. 1 million year statement, try this. There's more energy hitting 1/3rd of your rooftop than you use at home and to travel and it's free.

To counter the argument you eluded to that gasoline is the only currently conveniently storable energy form because it's high density liquid, hydrogen can now be stored in 1/4th the space and 1/6th the weight when using hydrides and there's zero explosive potential.

We just have to let the people hear the teams that are working on this stuff so they can decide for themselves. No more listening to the media say it's 10-40 years out.