Comment: I watched the video a week or so ago.

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I watched the video a week or so ago.

I had no idea of the Sparta history (still don't have much of a handle on it) but this article really put perspective to it. I just had chills going down my spine hearing him praise a society that would hand over their children at age 9 or so for military training... it just reaked statist and made me sick hearing the women praising God amen and amen with each of his assertions. I'm telling ya we are in a sick place. If tyranny ever comes to this land it will be wearing a flag and have a bible in it's hand... this man freaks me out!

" Single acts of tyranny may be ascribed to the accidental opinion of they day; but a series of oppresssions...pursued unalterably, through every change of ministers, too plainly proove delibrate, systematical plan of reducing us to slavery..."