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It is not enough to Just End the Fed

I would agree with your formula if you change "End the Fed" to "End Fiat."

What's in the name? Nothing! As I said, the Fed will inescapably end itself by its destruction of the dollar. And if the Congress gets the power to do what the Fed is doing now, not a thing will change! The same people will be robbing you, only under a different name, and wearing different hats.

The best way to end fiat is to allow free competition in currencies, because fiat cannot exist without government forced monopoly. End the monopoly, and you have ended fiat ( i.e. you ended the plunder), because it will die by the hand of Free Market, since no one likes being plundered!

So it is NOT enough to End the Fed. You must restore sound money for liberty to prevail. Free Competition in Currencies is the Best way to restore and maintain sound monetary system.