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I do want to mention

I do want to mention something.

There is this notion that the oil industry is brutally surpressing alternative energy. This really isn't true.

Yeah, they do some things, but there is a thriving alternative energy industry. Ever since Europe and Japan started funding it, along with GWB of all people, you've seen a huge jump in alternative energy technology.

In spite of the general rhetoric being, we don't have to do anything now, in spite of government bowing to the oil companies with subsidies and loopholes, in spite of the media propping up these ideals, alternative energy is doing really well. Biofuels and solar panels show great promise.

What I fear might happen, is you might see a company like GE or XOM or RIG buy out one of the biotechs that have developed this technology. Like, for example, LDK develops a new kind of solar panel; GE buys it out and then doesn't sell it. That way they can keep oil as the dominant source of energy; ie control the market longer.

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