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True, Brazil is not dependent on foreign oil and fuel. However a gallon of gasoline in Brazil is $7.00 a gallon, with a fleet much smaller than the United States. Also all mineral rights in Brazil belong to the state. In fact even water underground belongs to the state. There is only one petroleum refinery in the country of Brazil and that is Petrobras. As for alcohol it is a good alternative but there are shortages during the year due to production and sugar demand. In fact last month Brazil imported alcohol from the United States due to shortages since the cheap dollar makes American alcohol attractive. If the dollar keeps falling Brazil with over 350 billion in reserves may be buying U.S. products.
Alcohol can be made from trees and even grass. If local refineries were build around the country alcohol could be produced from lawn maintenance companies and tree pruning. Don't have to cut the trees down and they don't need to be replanted like corn does or other annual crops.