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You're missing the target

The suppression IS the renewables that are making progress. If you look at all the projects that are 'making it' now, they're only the ones that maintain the monopoly status of the energy companies. PV might be making some progress but it's such a scattered and small market that they can wait it out some. Even so, GE DID just buy out the best new cheap PV tech and is building a big plant in the US. So your fears are already true.

What I'm referring to are the types that make people truly self sufficient away from all monopolies. Since PV still requires batteries or a grid, that doesn't qualify. There are others out there that solve all the issues and those can't get funding from any source. One startup I know of got his home foreclosed on right before his HELOC went through, even though he was up to date. Investors, banks, government grants, loans and more... they all dry up when you try to raise money for any of these technologies. Why is that?

If that's not enough, my company was put under by the banks too. When we were close to signing a deal on a wind farm, we were politely told that we would be donating $500k to the repubs or we would go under. When I squawked about that, they said we'd last until April 12th. We closed our doors 4 1/2 months later on April 12th. I have little faith in your comment that there's no suppression.