Comment: "I've been wooed over to the Gitmo must exist side"....mmm

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"I've been wooed over to the Gitmo must exist side"....mmm

Mmmmmmmmmmmm Rand Paul also was pro gitmo, and pro war in Afghanistan... but after election dropped that talk like he never said it.

Its well known that during the republican primary, position yourself right of center, after victory, swing center. That is what Reagan, Bush, and many many others have done. So I expect Johnson to come down pro gitmo, pro israel, pro attacking Muslim extremists somewhere anywhere to "defend our interests" -- WHOSE INTERESTS? Corporatist-Statist of course, so Johnson will not be joining Ron Paul, Nader, and Kucinich on that one. .... pity, we need more voices.

It seems Johnson knows the drill real well, fake right, move center. Sean Hannity and Glenn Beck may take notice of Johnson now.... but he'll never offer up the red meat to those who think America and Americans are weak and Must Show Force around the world. To those types, we can never be strong enough. America with a standing military contained INSIDE the US borders? Impossible. Why we'd be as vulnerable as .... Mexico, Brazil, Canada,...

Johnson would do better... in my opinion, if he just took each position of Ron Pauls, but said it in his own way. The sad fact is we don't know Gary Johnson, really don't. Who is the real Gary? Where is the passion? Where is the long history on the issues? And why is his Drug Issue just Marijuana? Ron Paul still has him beat, legalize all drugs and end the drug war on ALL DRUGS... Gary is soft-shoeing his lone issue that he's known for... Does he CARE about America? If he does, than is it just MJ that he wants legalized? And where is he on the Income tax? Abolish it?

Gary should run for President as a Republican, many like him should, yes even on the Democratic ticket. Moreover, Gary should run defense and offense for Ron Paul with NEW rhetoric in the Media, a new way to say the same thing, after all, Ron doesn't speech write anything, its all the same phrases and all off the cuff (or so it seems).... that is how to differentiate himself, come up with something new in rhetorical style (study Reagan) and then turn around and run for a Senate seat in NM and join Rand Paul.

And most of all, if Gary could Smile as he speaks, it would really help people like him.

In peace and liberty,

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