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The difference, is the

The difference, is the government doing it, or are the company's directly doing it?

If the banks are in cahoots with GE, how is the government responsible for that?

If big energy wants to buy all the alternative energies and corner the market, should the government stop them from doing so? I don't necessarily see that as stoppable "surpression".

What you are saying may be true, but there also companies that disprove what you are saying. There are plenty of tiny biotechs making headways in the newest energy fields. Those are a threat to big energy monopolies.

What specific "industries" are you talking about, where government grants and private investment are not coming in? Private investment especially; there are few barriers to private investment. I own shares in solar companies, biofuel companies, and will definitely look at some of the copper cell technology coming out. Government research grants are limited, of course; the supply isn't infinite. Of course it tends to go to the most promising types of research. Loans are down in general....

Plan for eliminating the national debt in 10-20 years:


Specific cuts; defense spending: