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the reaction to Dr. Paul's comment was the weakest the entire night when he said we should allow nuclear power w/o interference.... I didn't seriously know what to think and many others feel unsure. My point is that maybe he should distance himself from this issue. It's becoming more controversial than ever before. Someone from the campaign should seriously think about this. This is exactly where lefties cite government regulation instead of private ownership trying to maintain these things on a shoestring budget. That's my concern.

The japan incident makes me personally start to feel that these things are just too damned dangerous - no matter who runs it. Any catastrophe could end civilization within large areas of these things- and accidents will always happen. However, I will say that Nuclear power seems to be our best solution to actually meet demand. They are just dangerous and the reaction from the audience says they are unsettled about it.

My $.02

Peace, Freedom and Prosperity. Not War, Welfare and Bankruptcy.