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I feel that

Trust me..... if he gets into the big house he will age very quickly and certainly will slow down. That job has a way of making word salad out of the most eloquent of speakers. He will have no choice but to slow down once the tide comes in.

And with the media attacking his age... He has no choice but to be 'the same age' as his voters. Talk fast... and jump from point to point... isn't that what the kids do anyways?

As far as predictions go... Well, he backs it with history lessons and to candy coat the outlook of a currency crisis is somewhat of a moral hazard IMHO.

If not for RP's message of doom & gloom in '07, I would not know how to clean a deer, grow a garden, earn tangible savings, and value relationships on a level much higher than just business. Before it was just how much money can I get from your business, now it is 'What can I do to help you be more free'.

I believe he would provide a great example for all of us to endeavor into our own intellectual leadership. One of wisest things that man has ever said was to the effect of "I don't know how to run your lives; and I don't want to."

I dare say that the buzzwords "Intellectual Leadership" and "Guberment" is a misnomer at best in our orwelian society. If RP makes it into the WH, remember much of his platform is Im not here to lead you, but I hope to provide a great example to be emulated.