Comment: A steaming pile of collectivist claptrap

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A steaming pile of collectivist claptrap

"The idea of liberty dictates that any human being can choose to be a citizen of any country for which he or she qualifies." So the mark of a free man is that he's free to choose the gang of which he is property? He can choose his own owner, his own slavemaster?

"Citizenship" is like the brand on livestock, a mark to let everyone know which owner has the right to control, milk and dispose of the livestock as the owner sees fit. If some government goon declares that I am a "citizen" of his country, what he means is that he has the right to boss me around, take any of my property he pleases, and cage me or shoot me dead if I resist his demands on my life. Such "citizenship" is not an honor; it's profoundly and existentially demeaning. Being "proud to be an American" is like a cow boasting about the brand on its ass.

People are individuals who may be worthy or unworthy, intelligent or stupid, admirable or contemptible. Each individual's virtues and shortcomings are uniquely his own -- and the random chance of his place of birth has no effect on his moral stature whatsoever.

The idea of liberty is that nobody owns your life but you. Anybody who uses the technicalities of multiple citizenship to avoid the depredations of some government shows uncommon intelligence and has made a choice honoring liberty, not betraying it. "Governments" and "countries" be damned. So why don't you run along and pay your taxes like a good little citizen?

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