Comment: Allegiance?!?!

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I pledge no allegiance to any country, flag or person.

I did not choose to be born here.
I did not choose the current government
I did not choose the monetary system
I did not choose the murderous policies our gov carries out
I did not choose to run up the national debt
I did not choose the policies that hinder my business
I did not choose the onerous tax system where literally everyone is breaking the law
I did not choose have any of these arbitrary rules that created against my freedom
I did not choose any of it.

If I had it my way, I wouldn't be a citizen of ANY country. However, in the meantime I would enjoy as many citizenships as I could possibly get. As I would enjoy the freedom of moving to a less tyrannical country than the one I'm currently in. Alas, I'm hindered by more governments and regulations.

I choose to be free and to be free from your arbitrary rules.

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