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Good thought.

Molyneux is fun.

The difference between government and the Mafia is the legitimacy accorded to government by most of its victims. That perceived legitimacy depends on continued belief in the myth that voting in good people can really change things: that the evils historically endemic to all governments can be rolled back or eliminated if dedicated and determined freedom-loving people are elected. The preservation of that myth is essential to the continuation of the racket -- which is why it MIGHT be possible that electing Dr. Paul will be a positive force for freedom. Once he is elected, it will be hard to shut him up or shut him down.

I don't believe government can ever be made to "work," in the sense of providing valuable services in a manner consistent with the non-aggression principle, but I still support Ron Paul & his revolution, because he doesn't either. His focus is on amputating the gangrenous appendages , not trying to heal them. Government's "Constitutional" functions are practically nonexistent, compared to those that have been arrogated to it. I don't know how much success he would have, if elected, but surely it's easier to monkeywrench the evil machine of government from the Oval Office than from anywhere else. And it's a fine, ironic "bully pulpit" for delivering an essentially anti-government message. Apropos, limelemon, you would likely enjoy Larken Rose's novel, The Iron Web; it features exactly such a speech.

Recommended reading: The Most Dangerous Superstition by Larken Rose