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In the great advance auction of stolen property

otherwise known as electoral poltics, we should make sure that our stolen property is given only to domestic thieves, -- foreigners should not be allowed to purchase their own prostiticians, is that your position? How naive is that? A prostitician willing to sell his favors to the highest bidder is unlikely to have ethical qualms based on the national origin of the bidder. You seriously expect political whores to give an actual damn about "the country?"

I'll let you in on a secret every well-meaning politician eventually learns: only individuals exist, and have "interests." There is NO "public good." Only individuals have values. So anything a politician does will benefit some specific individuals -- at a cost to be borne by other specific individuals. The game of politics is played by collecting as many benefits as you can, while forcing someone else to pay for them. That is why "politics" is a dirty word to decent people. The disposition of stolen property cannot be done "fairly" or "patriotically." It can only be done unjustly. The only way to win the game is not to play it.

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